This month at Monkey Puzzle Ridgmont Road the children have enjoyed taking part in lots of fun activities and enjoying some nice weather, which has prompted water play outdoors.

Our Baby room has been busy with lots of messy play and mark making! The children have enjoyed using the cars and walkers to crush cereals, listening to the sounds it makes and looking and feeling how the texture changed; we also really enjoyed the sand play in our crawl-in sand box, feeling it between our fingers and toes! We used the sand with water to build structures and hills.

In our Toddler room, the children have enjoyed creative storytelling activities through use of the puppets alongside books or to tell imaginative tales, large stories, role play themes with children taking on a role in their play and using dry wipe boards to tell a story through drawings and suggest what could happen next! This supports the children’s imagination and creativity.

In Preschool, the children have been learning about and discussing transport, they used materials and tools to make cars from cardboard boxes and then used this to form part of their role play activities, taking the cars to the garage to be repaired! The children used the different tools to fix the customers cars for them.

Our Pre-schoolers have also been busy preparing our oldest children for their next big adventure – big school! We started the month with a fun party for the leavers complete with a bouncy castle, music and ice lollies! It has been very sad saying goodbye to all our friends however we wish them all the best for their future!