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Babies Environment (Bluebells)

Bluebells are on the first floor and this is where our youngest children enjoy their day. The room has a large carpeted area for little ones to crawl, roll, shuffle, toddle and explore. There is also a soft play area with mirrored mats, tunnels, a ball pond and textured cushions to provide a safe and secure play experience along with a range of toys encouraging the children’s further development in all areas.

A large specially designed lino floor area gives the children opportunities to get very messy with a number of sensory activities such as water, sand, shaving foam and oats to name a few. This is also where highchairs are put up for feeding times, a great opportunity for lots of social interaction and exploring new foods.

A beautiful sleep room awaits our tired children. Calming music, relaxing sensory lights and a comfortable wooden bunk-bed style cot all help to aid the children into a restful sleep.

Like all age groups, the babies will also benefit from the use of our all weather indoor/outdoor play space, as well as outdoor trips to extend their learning beyond the nursery and into the wider world!