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Sessions & Fees

At Monkey Puzzle St Albans Ridgmont Road our offering is all-inclusive. Everything from freshly served meals, to nappies, wipes and formulas will be provided, making your nursery experience as care free as possible. We use only premium brand products to ensure your child the most comfort in our care.

We will offer a range of session structures to suit you and your child’s requirements.

Ridgmont Road - Table of Fees
Full Ridgmont Road Fees Information

We accept childcare vouchers. Please contact us for your voucher companies account number.


In order to register, we will ask you for a £250 registration fee and a £500 deposit. The deposit will be refunded via your first invoice provided that you start your booking as agreed upon registration.


All fees must be paid in advance by direct debit.

Late Fees

1-10 Minutes: £20

11-20Minutes: £40

21-30 Minutes: £60

30+ Minutes: £75 +£3 per minute thereafter

Fees effective from 01/06/2022.
Please be aware that the fees may be subject to an annual price review.
We reserve the right to alter these terms. Please contact us if you have any questions or different requirements

To register for a place please email us at, call us on 01727568289 or you can complete our Monkey Puzzle St Albans Enquiry Form.

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