This month at Monkey Puzzle Ridgmont Road the children took part in celebrating Jeans for Genes Day dressing up in denim clothing and exploring different blue activities as well as creating their own jeans with different resources.

In September we have introduced our new room names Bluebells, Blossoms, Sunflowers and we all enjoyed creating our own pictures of them! All rooms have started to enjoy going on outings again which is exciting, they have been going to clarence park and around the block seeing the trains, buses, cars trees and waving at people when they go past!

In our Bluebells room they have been developing their gross motor skills by climbing on and pulling themselves up to standing on the soft play blocks.

Our Blossoms have enjoyed mark making in the coloured oats, sand and flour play with different resources such as cars, their fingers, trains. They have also been colour matching the building bricks to the balancing beams.

Our Sunflowers had fun exploring letters by practicing recognising their own name and tracing their name with the letter flashcards, magnetic letters and letter stencils. The children have also been exploring dinosaurs in the crazy foam, whilst joining in with discussions about where they live and what they eat. We then created animal prints in the coloured playdough. Sunflowers have also created their own tea party where they were baking cupcakes and cooking pasta!
Exploring Letters Clarence Park Trip