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We believe in working collaboratively with and for each other to create our very own Monkey Puzzle family. We always say that when you join our team you become part of the family, and this family approach transcends through everything we do for our team and the children. We want everyone to have roles and careers that they are proud of.

Personal and Professional Growth

We place a huge emphasis on self-development and growth, building skills and progressing in your careers. We do annual performance reviews where we celebrate the year of successes and identify targets for development in the future. We work with you throughout the year to offer support and funding to complete your targets so that you can continue to grow as a person and as a professional.

Our Vision and Ethos

Our vision is “Inspiring children to change tomorrow’s world’ , which we bring to life with the 6 themes of our Ethos. Active Childhoods, Creative Minds, Eating Healthy, Loving the Planet, Evolving with Time and Equality & Diversity. These themes support how we teach and support the children, but they also underpin our family approach, supporting each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

Leadership Coaching

If you aspire to become a leader in our team then we want you to achieve your goal! We always say any one can be a leader at any time, provided the organisation and team culture promotes freedom of expression, sharing of ideas and our team vision. We offer bespoke leadership coaching for leaders and managers which helps and supports them to be the best leader, promoting team effectiveness, positive working culture and helping people progress in their chosen careers.

Myers Briggs & Team Effectiveness

We always want to support our teams to work well together, respecting each other’s views and celebrating different skill sets and preferences. Myers Briggs is a personality typology, offering an introspective view of psychological preferences, helping us to better understand our colleagues and how different people perceive the world and make decisions.

Progressive Salaries

We offer some of the best pay available in the early years sector, with generous salaries and annual pay reviews to share the successes of our growing organisation with each and every team member. We also reward additional childcare qualifications and operate a bonus schedule for loyalty to our nursery. We are proud to say we are a London Living Wage employer.

Referral Bonus

We always want recommendations for excellent new candidates to join our team. So, if you refer a new candidate to us and they complete their probationary period, then we pay you £250 in one lump sum to say thanks for your support in growing our team.

Our Wellbeing Programme

We know that in order to get the best for our children we must also support and promote positive wellbeing in our team. We have a specific wellbeing programme designed to encourage everyone in our team to look after each other, look after themselves and look after the team. We celebrate successes, share our appreciation and gratitude and spread the love where ever possible! We also offer individual support through any mental health challenges with a personalised approach to suit individual team members. We know that despite a passion for working with children, life has its own trials and tribulations, and we are always here to offer support and guidance. We have a team of Mental Health First Aiders, who are trained in dealing with complex mental health challenges and can support you every step of the way to have a fulfilled and happy career with us.

Staff Training and Team Building

We have 3 Inset Training Days each year, where we get together for some team building activities and explore a range of training topics relating to childcare and quality of teaching and learning. We encourage our team to champion specific areas of interest, train to learn new skills and ideas, and share this learning for the wider team at our training sessions. Do you think you have what it takes to be a leader, shine in that moment, and share your ideas and thoughts with the wider team?

Team Awards Evening

At the end of each year we host a team awards evening, which aims to celebrate the many successes throughout the year. We give out individual prizes and awards for people who show remarkable achievement and dedication to a specific task or subject area. We also give recognition for those who are recognised by the team as the most effective team players, and those who demonstrate an excellent aptitude to learn and grow. This is one of the most positive and emotional times of the year as we all get together and celebrate our team wins!

Staff Social Budget

We like to always make sure that if you work hard, you can play hard too. As well as offering regular social events after each Inset Day, we also host an all-inclusive, festive extravaganza Christmas Party, where we dress to impress and celebrate the year with a bang! In addition to this we offer a team social budget for each room, meaning each term you and your team can enjoy some time outside of work to socialise and get to know each other a bit better, paid for by us.

Resources Budget

We always want to support creativity in activity planning, teaching initiatives and learning, so to do this we offer each team a monthly resources budget, which can be spent on your room to ensure the learning opportunities for children are always fresh and exciting. We even sometimes ‘double up’ in recognition of some amazing efforts from our team!

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