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Our nursery facilities at Rigdmont Road are divided over three floors, each floor catering for our children aged 3 months – 5 years, all of which provide enchanting environments for children to learn and explore. Our three rooms are Bluebells (Babies), Blossoms (Toddlers) and Sunflowers (Preschool).

Each environment is designed to offer a multitude of educational stimuli for your child to explore through natural play. Different parts of each room provide a range of areas for your child to either be noisy, hands-on and practical, or perhaps comfortable, quiet and reflecting. Learning is based on your child’s choice, so the facilities and resources are specifically designed to be child friendly, accessible and fun.

The building is also fully air-conditioned and insulated, featuring environmentally-friendly heat recovery systems to maintain a comfortable temperature with as little waste as possible.

We also have an outdoor garden and play space. Loving the Planet is part of our ethos and we try to instil that knowledge and passion into the children as well, with lessons about recycling, nature walks and even a little bit of our garden farming.

Monkey Puzzle St Albans Ridgmont Road has an environment that enables your child to explore, develop and learn through spaces that are specially designed and equipped especially with them in mind. You’ll see many familiar homely items such as bookcases, tables, chairs, and sofas just much smaller than you are used to!

We consider our spaces to be your child’s third teacher, joining you as parents and us as educators in guiding them through their learning. And you’ll notice how we use our garden area as an outdoor classroom too, full of features to support their play and learning.

We keep many aspects of our nursery environment consistent as we know your child will benefit greatly from this. With core resources, enriching toys, games and creative materials, that are always at hand for your child to play with. However, it is not unusual for parts of our nurseries to become unique adventure places where your child’s imagination can run free!




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