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Preschool Environment (Sunflowers)

Downstairs is where you will find our Sunflowers room, which is home to our oldest children. Here they learn to become increasingly independent in the run-up to starting ‘big’ school. Activities are more structured and furniture is more appropriate to help with the transition to a reception class. You may see the Sunflowers using their own library bringing books to life by ‘Going on a bear hunt’, celebrating Fireworks Night by ‘junk’ modelling a rocket or beginning to write their name using different mark making materials.

Sunflowers have defined areas in which they can explore their world using different toys and resources. These areas include role play, messy/wet area, construction, small world and a book corner. They also have free access to child sized toilets and sinks with fun characters on the partitions to make the whole area child friendly.

Circle and together times happen everyday where children sing, read stories and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Sunflowers have free flow access too two outside areas. A small sail covered area is perfect for small outside planned activities such as planting or a teddy bears picnic.