This month has been filled with celebrations and events to keep us busy! We dressed up for St David’s Day & St Patricks Day in the colours of the respective flags to discover all about Wales & Ireland. We also got involved in Red Nose Day Celebrations by holding a Caribbean Carnival Day complete with a themed menu, fancy dress and lots of fun activities!

In Blue Monkeys, the children have enjoyed reading and exploring lots of new stories together and tied this in with our celebrations for World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite characters and recreating the different stories and themes. The babies have also had fun creating sand angels on our lino area, enjoying the sensory experience as well as looking at the marks they make.
Pink Monkeys have been getting messy as they have been discussing Easter and created a display by gluing and sticking to make chicks, mixing colours to paint the eggs with and talking about the different animals that hatch from eggs.

Our eldest children, Red Monkeys, have been exploring their names and practicing recognising and forming the different letters in them, we have used a range of activities to facilitate this such as tracing them in flour, using alphabet stencils or writing them in chalk. The children have also been discussing the concept of measurements by measuring and comparing heights of themselves and different animals. This was extended by making their own rulers.

This month we said farewell to our ducklings as they were relocated to live in farms and gardens of friends of the nursery. The ducklings have provided a wonderful learning opportunity for the children to discuss the life cycle and look at how things change over time.